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失心瘋視研所 成立於西元2011年。
以研究的態度與精神將視覺溝通具體實現,專精於想法視覺構成具象化,建構客戶與訊息接收者之間的橋樑,具體實現於平面印刷物、展場空間、網頁平台、包裝與禮品及動態影像等各種無限可能的平台,讓各種創意執行的更加精煉與準確。 萃取出獨特的品牌魅力、創意與價值。

Insane lab was established in 2011.
Realize visual communication with a research attitude and spirit, specialize in the visualization of ideas and visual composition, and build a bridge between customers and message recipients Images and other platforms with infinite possibilities make the execution of various ideas more refined and accurate. Extract unique brand charm, creativity and value.


  • 台北市松山區民權東路三段106巷21弄22號2樓
  • +886 02 2775-2125 #13
  • box@insanelab.com.tw